F1 2021 game leaks: details on new release and modes


New details on the F1 2021 game have leaked online ahead of the official reveal

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Details on the new F1 2021 game have allegedly leaked online

F1 2020

A new two-player career mode will be added to the new F1 2021 game, according to a leak ahead of the title’s release later this year.

The information appeared — apparently in error — on the Microsoft Store, and seems to reveal the first details for F1 2021 that include the addition of two new modes. If accurate, an additional story mode campaign titled ‘Braking Point’ and a two-player career mode are the new features for the title.

A ‘Real-Season Start’ mode is also listed as a new feature and could follow the real-life F1 campaign from the stage the season is up to by the time the game releases, though no concrete details were listed alongside the mode.

Formula 1’s official game is developed by Codemasters, recently acquired by Electronic Arts. The new F1 titles usually drop in the summer months, with the last game releasing in early-July.

An earlier leak also seemed to confirm the addition of Imola in the new title. Last season, the new races that replaced the originally scheduled rounds of the 2020 season were made official too late in the development cycle to feature in the 2020 game.

But a social media post from Sky Sports F1 Italy commentator Carlo Vanzini suggested that he was recording lines for Imola, potentially for the F1 2021 game.

Information first emerged from the ALumia_Italia Twitter account and indicated several modes would also return for the 2021 iteration. The My Team mode added in 2020 will be available once again, allowing players to launch their own F1 team and sign drivers to an 11th entry on the grid.

Further refinements have been made to the mode for 2021 according to the leaks, with a greater emphasis placed on driver stats within the mode.

‘Focus’ is added to driver’s stat ratings though no specifics on the impact it may have on the game is known. Also added are new ‘Team-Critical development events’.

Updated Research and Development plans and new ‘Quick Practice’ modes are also listed in the leak as well as the confirmation that F2 remains in the game.

There are no mentions of VR support or cross-platform play, both potentially sought-after features that other racing titles have implemented.

When contacted by Motor Sport, Codemasters said “it couldn’t comment” on any part of the alleged leaks.