Car advent calendars for 2020

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Advent calendars for car lovers offer a range of classic cars to build during December, with a new part behind each door, offering a non-chocolate option ahead of Christmas

Carrera RS advent calendar
Non-chocolate advent calendars: Motor Sport shop gift guide

Advent calendars aren’t just for Christmas. Car-themed versions contain all of the parts needed to build a range of classic models, ready to display, which will outlast most novelty alternatives. And they are good for the waist too because they are all non-chocolate calendars

Behind each of the 24 doors is a component used to build the model and display stand, giving you the satisfaction of self-building throughout December.

With just over a month to go until you open the first door, there’s still plenty of time to order now for delivery well before it’s needed.

The car parts are typically fixed with screws, rather than glued, making them simple to construct in stages. Screws and a screwdriver are usually part of the package. A sound module is included with all of the examples below, so you can rev up the festive mood.

We’ve picked a selection of classic car calendars, featuring 1:43 or 1:24 scale models.


Classic car advent calendars

VW Camper Van T1 advent calendar



Split windscreen, check; two-tone colour scheme, check; ticking engine sound – check.

Once all 24 boxes of this advent calendar are opened, you will have a classic 1:43 scale, die-cast 1963 Volkswagen ‘Bulli’ T1. It’s well-known for its camper van version, but this model is the minibus, with three rows of seats.

The model is around 16cm long and 11cm tall. Also included is a base to mount it on, with a sound module that replicates the noise from its air-cooled engine, and a book with instructions and a history of the car

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Porsche 911 advent calendar



Cars don’t get much more classic than a 1963 Porsche 911: the first generation of a model line that’s still going strong today.

Behind the doors (well, inside the boxes) of this advent calendar are the parts to build a 1:43 die-cast model of an original 911 in Irish Green.

The stand includes a sound module that delivers the rasping sound of the car’s flat-six, air-cooled engine at the push of a button.

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Porsche 911 Carrera RS advent calendar



There has never been anything shy and retiring about the Porsche 911 Carrera RS, which launched in 1973 with its ducktail spoiler, tuned engine and wider rear wheels that made it ready for the race track.

This advent calendar makes a statement too. Where the other models on this page are 1:43 scale, the parts included in the Carrera RS calendar, licensed by Porsche, will build an unmissable blood orange model in 1:24 scale, measuring around 20cm long, which could easily overshadow some of the gifts under the tree.

As well as a sound module in the base, there are also LED lights that illuminate the car. The package comes with a 52-page book containing instructions and a history of Porsche’s racing success.

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Mercedes 300 SL advent calendar





It’s 1/43rd the size of a real Mercedes 300 SL, but just 1/20,217th the price of genuine examples, which sell for £1.2m at auction.

The 16cm-long model and display stand with sound module is screwed together using the parts behind the 24 doors.

Licensed by Mercedes-Benz, the model is accompanied by a book containing instructions and a history of the 300 SL.

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