The best car advent calendars for 2022

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Advent calendars for car lovers include everything you need to make a scale model classic car or modern icon behind their 24 doors. We've selected the best examples for 2022

Mercedes AMG GT advent calendar header
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Advent calendars aren’t just for Christmas. With a car advent calendar, you can spend December assembling the parts to build a true classic that will last for years to come, but time is running out to order for 2022.

All of the pieces needed are included behind the 24 doors, you’ll gain something new every day and see your metal scale model gradually take shape.

Land Rover advent calendar partsWe’ve selected classic examples of the Porsche 911, Mercedes 300 SL and VW’s Camper van. There’s also the more recent Mercedes-AMG GT and extremely limited stocks of the Land Rover Defender (right).

Most models are in 1:43 scale, but there’s also the option of the imposing 1:24-scale Porsche 911 RS.

Parts are assembled with screws rather than relying on glue, making them simple to construct in stages. Each of our picks includes a plinth with a sound module that recreates each car’s engine noise.

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Classic car and sports car advent calendars

Land Rover Defender advent calendar


Land Rover Defender advent calendar
Land Rover Defender advent calendar and model

Recreate the instantly recognisable, chunky lines of the Land Rover Defender in 1:43 scale with the parts included behind the 24 doors of this advent calendar.

Based on a 2007 version of the original off-roader, the completed model is 16cm long, 11cm high and can be mounted on an accompanying plinth.

Two AA batteries are needed to activate the engine sound module: just press a button to hear the throaty roar of the much-loved 4×4. A 52-book on the history of the Defender accompanies the fully-licensed model.

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Mercedes AMG-GT advent calendar


Mercedes AMG GT advent calendar
Mercedes AMG GT advent calendar and model

Mercedes’ muscle car loses little of its impact, even when shrunk to 16cm in length. All the parts — and screwdriver — required are included behind the doors of this advent calendar.

An accompanying book includes instructions and a history of Mercedes’ performance arm AMG, while the plinth includes a module that recreates the sound of the car’s V8 Biturbo engine.

The metal model is finished in striking hyacinth red paint.

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VW Camper Van T1 advent calendar


VW Camper van advent calendar
Vw camper van model

Split windscreen, check; two-tone colour scheme, check; ticking engine sound – check.

There’s no mistaking this one. Pick this calendar to construct during December and you will have a classic 1:43 scale, die-cast 1963 Volkswagen ‘Bulli’ T1 to proudly display.

There were many variants but this is the best-known camper version, which measures 16cm long and 11cm tall. Also included is a base to mount it on, with a sound module that replicates the noise from its air-cooled engine, and a book with instructions and a history of the car.

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Porsche 911 advent calendar



The first of its kind, the 1963 Porsche 911 was the first iteration of a model line that’s still going strong today. Cars don’t get much more classic than this.

This Irish Green 1:43 scale model will no doubt be a pleasure to put together and once more, the model isn’t limited in the sound department either.

The stand includes a sound module that delivers the rasping sound of the car’s flat-six, air-cooled engine at the push of a button. What else do you need?

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Porsche 911 Carrera RS advent calendar



Another Porsche that’ll grab your attention, the 911 Carrera RS launched in 1973 with unique looks and an engine to match.

The ducktail spoiler, tuned engine and wider rear wheels made it ready for the race track, and this blood orange model will be just as unmissable.

This advent calendar comes in big at 1:24 scale, measuring around 20cm long. Licensed by Porsche and including a 52-page book on the history of Porsche’s racing success, it is the perfect option for the Porsche fan this Christmas.

Along with the parts for the Carrera RS calendar, an instructional booklet is included as well as a sound module in the base, there are also LED lights that illuminate the car.

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Mercedes 300 SL advent calendar



It’s 1/43rd the size of a real Mercedes 300 SL, but just 1/20,217th the price of genuine examples, which sell for £1.2m at auction.

The 16cm-long model and display stand with sound module is screwed together using the parts behind the 24 doors.

Licensed by Mercedes-Benz, the model is accompanied by a book containing instructions and a history of the 300 SL.

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