Bill Boddy Tribute Day – Oct 1

Historic Racing News

To celebrate the life of our Founder Editor WB and his unique importance in saving the world’s first race track and promoting the vintage car world, Motor Sport and Brooklands Museum are holding a Tribute Day at Brooklands on Saturday October 1.

The famous paddock will be packed with displays of Brooklands cars, veterans and post-war Grand Prix machinery plus road cars from one of the earliest VW Beetles to the impressive Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, reflecting Bill Boddy’s wide involvement in motoring and racing over his amazing 81 years writing about cars.

Special guests including Grand Prix winner Tony Brooks will attend, and the Napier-Railton, holder of the outright Brooklands lap record, will make the banking ring to its 24-litre aero-engine, while other vintage cars will be in action on the Test Hill and banking.

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Brooklands Museum and remember the man who made this magazine what it is.

Normal Museum prices (£10 for adults) will apply, but Motor Sport readers who register will benefit from a £2 discount. E-mail [email protected] to confirm your entry.

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