Gallery: Historic rally catches last of the summer rays

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The sun shone for HERO's Summer Trial, creating spectacular images of classic cars in the Shropshire hills

2020 HERO summer trial sun

Class 6-winning Triumph TR6 of Paul and Sandra Heaney

Will Broadhead

The unique circumstances of 2020 mean that motor sport organisers have been using plenty of creative licence in their scheduling.

So few batted an eyelid at the Historic Endurance Rallying Association’s Summer Trial being rescheduled to the end of September.

What was surprising is that the weather played along.

For three days of competition, the sun shone over Shropshire, lighting the hills, dales, and stunning cars.

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Among the field, dodging tractors and milk tankers on regularity road stages and sliding along loose test routes, was a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, Jaguar XK150 and the overall winning Triumph TR4, owned by the father and son team of David and Edward Liddell.

With photographer Will Broadhead strategically positioned along the route, the pictures of this year’s competition in the last rays of the summer sun are particularly striking.

Enjoy a selection of the best of classic British rallying in the gallery above.