Motor Sport Christmas gift guide: books


With less than a month to go to Christmas, we’ve chosen our favourite things from around the web to help make your shopping easier. Each day will focus on a different category, starting with books. 

(They won’t all be from our own shop, unlike today, but we do sell a lot of good books…)

In Camera
Paul Parker

The In Camera series will be a familiar collection to readers. So far Paul Parker has captured the evolution of Formula 1 and sports cars, with each volume tracing a decade. Often twice, such is the volume of worthy photos. They are more than simply picture books, too, with readers being given a real feel for the racing scene of the time. Glorious and stunning are just some of the words we’ve used to describe the In Camera series on our reviews pages.

£40 – Motor Sport shop

MotoGP Season Review 2018
Mat Oxley

MotoGP’s been quietly stealing from Formula 1’s fan base for the past few years with its close racing, drama, personalities, and genuine excitement. This season has been no different. This year’s MotoGP season review is different, though, as it’s been written by our ‘bikes man Mat Oxley. So if you’ve enjoyed his columns online and in the magazine these past 12 months then chances are you’ll like this too. Or your resident ‘bike fan will. 

£35 – Motor Sport shop

Speed Birds
Alan Snow

Stuck for how to get youngsters into cars? This may do the trick. It’s an innovative take from Alan Snow that turns the art of building a car and how cars work into a story, told (naturally) by crows. It’s called Speed Birds, is hard back in easy-reading format and cleverly illustrated.

£14.99 – Motor Sport shop

Reid Railton: Man of Speed
Karl Ludvigsen

Another award winner, and another special book. This is the Royal Automobile Club’s ‘Specialist book of the year’, Reid Railton: Man of Speed. You can even get a feel for the book before you buy, because we ran an excerpt earlier this year in the magazine. Reid Railton was one of the world’s finest engineers, developing many land speed record breakers. 

£150 – Motor Sport shop

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