Max Biaggi sets new 283mph electric motorcycle speed record

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A new speed record for electric bikes has been set by Max Biaggi and Voxan Wattman


Biaggi on the Voxan Wattman, now the fastest streamlined electric motorcycle

Max Biaggi has set a number of world speed records including the fastest electric streamlined motorcycle riding the Voxan Wattman.

In total, 21 new records were set by the team but the main target of the top speed for an electric bike under 300kg was broken, setting a new benchmark at 283mph.

The Wattman GPS clocked a top speed of 292.204mph at Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre Launch and Landing Facility over the course of the six days spent attempting the records.

Powered by purpose-built in-house unit, the lithium-ion battery has a 5kWh capacity and combined with the permanent magnet motor, achieves 435hp and 1360Nm of torque.

As per the regulations outlined by the FIA, the runs were made along the same 1km stretch within two hours of each other, with the combined average becoming the final speed recorded.

Along with the streamlined record, a non-streamlined version of the Voxan was also used and set a new record in the same weight class for non-streamlined motorcycles.

“Following the records we set in November 2020 in the ‘over 300kg’ class, these 21 new records are another magnificent reward for the Venturi Group, for Max Biaggi, and for our valued partners, Saft, Michelin, and Mercedes,” Gildo Pastor, President of the Venturi Group said.

Voxan set records last year in France for the fastest speeds achieved by an electric motorcycle at 366.94km/h (228.005mph) again with Biaggi piloting the bike.

Following those record attempts, the Voxan underwent styling changes in order to counteract the possibility of unforeseen handling at higher speeds.

A new, more horizontal riding position was created for Biaggi in order to minimise drag and increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the bike.

The team also created three variants of the bike in order to allow the team to attempt records in most weather conditions. A fully streamlined, partially streamlined and naked version of the bike was created, going from full bodywork to partially visible fairings to a completely exposed version with the chassis frame visible.

In total, 10 new records were set in the under 300kg category with another nine falling in the over 300kg category.