How do the MotoGP riders do it?


Read how the top MotoGP riders, including Marc Márquez, Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo, ride their top-tier Grand Prix machines in Mat Oxley’s ‘How I ride’ series

Márquez: his winning secret

Marc Marquez MotoGP

“Many people ask me this, even my team: what do you do?! It’s something that just happens with me. I lose the front and what I do is push down with my elbow. Then it depends on the situation: sometimes I open the gas, sometimes I just close the gas and I wait. But it’s so difficult to understand! “

Mat Oxley sits down with newly crowned 2018 MotoGP champion Marc Márquez to find out how he became the youngest rider to win five premier-class crowns.

How I ride: Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo MotoGP testing 2018

“As for why I won’t be with Ducati next year: people underestimated my capacity because of my results. They were thinking too short-term and they forgot what I did in the past.”

Just before his 2018 season went pear-shaped Mat Oxley talked to the three-time MotoGP king about how he transformed his riding technique from 2015 to 2018.

How I ride: Andrea Dovizioso

andrea Dovizioso MotoGP 2018

“Riding technique has changed a lot. The bikes have changed a lot and the intensity we are able to put into the bike has changed a lot, so you need to be much fitter because to be fast for 45 minutes with such a level of intensity is impossible if you are not very, very fit.”

Andrea Dovizioso finished runner-up to Marc Márquez in 2017 and 2018, so how does the rider counter the skills of his greatest rival?

How I ride: Danilo Petrucci

Danilo Petrucci MotoGP 2018

“If you follow your instinct you always try to open the throttle as fast as possible out of the corner and I think I’m one of the best at doing this. I brake really hard and I open the throttle very early.”

Danilo Petrucci has yet to win a MotoGP race, but Ducati’s latest factory rider is super-fast and few are better at describing what they do on a bike.

How I ride: Maverick Viñales

Maverick Viñales

“I’m trying to find a sports psychiatrist, but it’s not easy, because I need to find a good one that understands me.”

Maverick Viñales reveals how he rode the rollercoaster of the last two seasons and why he’s planning to hire a sports psychiatrist for 2019.

How I ride: Johann Zarco

Johann Zarco MotoGP 2018

“It’s difficult because you are asking me things that I do naturally, so if I explain how I do it, maybe I cannot do it naturally anymore!”

The Frenchman was a revelation during his rookie MotoGP season in 2017 and finished top non-factory rider last season – so how does he do it?

How I ride: Aleix Espargaró

Aleix Espargaró MotoGP 2018

“I need to feel connected, so I tell the engineers that I need to feel like I’m holding the throttle cable, like the old bikes.”

One of MotoGP’s most exciting riders tells us how he gets the best out of his bikes, tyres and electronics.



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