MotoGP bikes to run on carbon-neutral green fuel from 2027


MotoGP manufacturers will work with petrochemical companies to create their own zero-carbon fuels

2021 MotoGP Valencia GP race

MotoGP race will be run entirely on sustainable fuel from 2027


MotoGP bikes will run entirely on green, sustainable fuel from 2027 after manufacturers and fuel companies signed up to a new environmental strategy that will eliminate fossil fuels from top-level motorcycle racing.

Teams will work with their fuel partners to create either biofuels from waste matter, or synthetic fuels made from combining carbon dioxide and hydrogen in a laboratory. Both processes will have to use renewable energy.

All of the green fuel formulas will have to work in a conventional petrol engine. Announcing the agreement, the series said that its MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 championships would be a “racing laboratory”, creating sustainable fuels that can eventually be used on the road.

Jorge Viegas, president of motorcycling’s governing body, the FIM, said that it had taken years of negotiation to fix the deal.

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Teams will be required to use fuels that are at least 40% non-fossil origin from 2024 before they become entirely fossil-free from 2027.

“This will allow the MotoGP championships to be leaders in this relationship revolution for sustainability,” said Viegas. “Even if the racing is really very small part of the emissions, we must be the leaders of this change. We must show the way to everybody.”

There was no news on the carbon emissions associated with transporting the paddock around the world.

Formula 1 has indicated that it is looking to follow a similar path to MotoGP, using synthetic fuels in combustion engines to preserve the noise and character of its existing cars, while chasing a carbon neutral future.

MotoGP’s announcement did not mention the MotoE championship and its future is uncertain beyond 2023. However, the continued development of electric road bikes is likely to support a fully electric two-wheeled series.