Delayed UK delivery of January 2022 subscriber copies

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January issue

Dear Subscribers,

Unfortunately, there will be a slight delay to your January 2022 edition.

The issue was due to arrive with you on Wednesday or Thursday this week, but it will now be with you on Friday or Saturday instead.

This delay has been caused by problems outside of our control which involved the late arrival of paper to the printing-house. We did hope to avoid this hold-up, but, it’s now apparent that there will be a delay.

Please note that if you’re already a bundle subscriber, this will have no impact on the digital edition which is due out in both the app and on the website this Wednesday.

Please accept our apologies for this, and if you haven’t received your print edition by Tuesday, November 30, please do let us know.

You can get in touch with our Customer Services Team at [email protected].

Alternatively, you can reach them by telephone at 020 7349 8484 (weekdays 9:30am – 5:30pm).

The Motor Sport Magazine Team

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