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Dear Reader,

You will soon see some changes to the Motor Sport website as we look to bring you more racing news, sharp opinions and inside knowledge.

It’s why we will soon be introducing a tighter limit on the number of articles that readers can view free of charge, in addition to the paywall for recent issues of the Magazine.

Existing subscribers won’t be affected: just log in at the top of any page (you’ll need to open the menu if you’re using your phone) and you will continue to enjoy unlimited access to the full site, including our 97-year Archive of every page we have ever published, up to our latest issue.

If you’re not a subscriber then you will have free access to a limited number of articles per month (this one doesn’t count), at which point you will be able to register for a further limited amount of articles.

We’re hoping that our regular readers will take up the opportunity to become part of the Motor Sport community with one of our subscription offers. These give unfettered access to every article on the site, as well as the Magazine delivered to your home each month, and also our app edition.

That’s every word written for us by writers that include Mark Hughes, Mat Oxley, Andrew Frankel, Doug Nye, Chris Medland and Damien Smith.

We’re following the lead of many colleagues in the publishing industry in extending our paywall, as we look to build on our proud history of bringing you closer to the best of motor racing.

To trial unlimited access, why not sign up to 3 months for only £5 (saving you 84% on the retail price) by clicking below.

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