Zef Eisenberg: Royal Automobile Club Talk Show

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Motorcycle land speed record holder and survivor of Britain’s fastest motorbike crash, Zef Eisenberg talks about the exhilaration of speed in the latest podcast

Zef Eisenberg holds the land-speed record for a turbine-powered motorbike, as well as records for the fastest motorbike and car on sand.

But the 46-year-old is probably best known for surviving Britain’s fastest motorcycle crash: at 230mph, while trying to beat his own record.

In the latest podcast with the Royal Automobile Club, Eisenberg talks through his record attempts – and crash – and explains why he keeps coming back for more.

“My problem is: when is it enough?” He says. “I want to go further. If you can go 234mph, why not 244mph?”



This podcast is in association with the Royal Automobile Club.

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