The Beeb stocks up on racing


I’m sure few people would disagree if I said that the BBC’s coverage of Formula 1 this year has been excellent, as it was last year. Admittedly Eddie Jordan’s rant about team orders at Hockenheim raised a few eyebrows, but that’s another story…

It’s not really surprising that the BBC spends so much time and money on F1 as it is truly a global sport that attracts millions of viewers every time the cars are on track.

What is surprising is that the Beeb is about to air a new documentary series called ‘Gears and Tears’ that is based on, wait for it… BriSCA Formula 1 Stock Car Racing. The first part will be aired on BBC1 on Monday August 2 at 10.35pm and, if the premise is anything to go by, it’ll make for some great viewing. (‘Movie trailer voice’ optional here…)


“It’s an obsession that’s divided two rival families for 40 years,” the release states, “two racing dynasties who, every weekend, fight fiery gladiatorial showdowns in thundering purpose-built chariots designed to push the opposition off the track.”

Of course at Motor Sport we should really be talking about the 850bhp machines that feature in the stock car series rather than the feuding families behind them, but suffice to say that they are truly spectacular.


The release continues, and I couldn’t resist including this, “over a nine month season the film makers enjoyed unprecedented access to this world of everyday heroes from all walks of life. Gears and Tears celebrates values often forgotten in contemporary British society where enthusiasm, improvisation and home grown engineering skills are still king. It’s the stuff of legends”. Well I’m not sure about that but I know where I’ll be on Monday night at 10.35pm.

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