Citroën 2CV 24 Hours


As some of you may remember I was lucky enough to race in the 2010 Citroën 2CV 24 Hours at Snetterton in August. I wrote a piece about it in the last issue of the magazine and we happily sent people to the Motor Sport website in order to watch the video. The more observant of you have no doubt noticed, there is no video. We apologise profusely for this, but soon after finishing the edit, MotorsTV said that they’d like to show it.


© Richard Styles

The good news is that you can watch the video on said channel at 10am and 7.54pm on Saturday November 6, at 11.41pm on Wednesday November 10 and at 10am and 4.41pm on Thursday November 11. After that we’ll put the video up on the Motor Sport website so don’t panic if you don’t have MotorsTV.

If you’re at all interested in 2CVs, club racing, or the fact that the pit crews could change an engine in eight minutes it’s well worth a watch.

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