Podcast: Brian Redman, Porsche's winning formula

Motor Sport Podcast

Brian Redman took a multitude of elite-level endurance wins with Porsche – Daytona, Nürburgring and Le Mans to name but a few. As part of our Porsche's winning formula podcasts, he reveals what made the brand a legendary name in motor racing

As sports car racing pedigree goes, there are few out there to match Brian Redman, and much of his endurance legend was forged at the wheel of Porsche’s greatest machines.

The self-effacing Lancastrian has won the Spa 1000Km four times, took three victories at the Daytona 24 Hours three and has a brace of Sebring and Nürburgring overall winner trophies.

Whilst three of Redman’s Spa wins were achieved with a 917K, he also used a 935 to claim his final Daytona victory as well as taking class honours at Le Mans in ’76 and ’80 in the same car.

Redman now joins us in the third instalment of our new podcast series, recalling how his impressive early privateer appearances got him a seat at the works team, his experience of being team-mates with Jo Siffert and Pedro Rodriguez and what it was like to drive for a brand in relentless pursuit of performance.

He also compares Stuttgart with his other famous employer – Ferrari – and explains why Porsche engineers told him he was their “favourite driver”.

Self-deprecating, entertaining and yet knowledgeable to a tee, the Brian Redman take on Porsche’s winning formula is a must-listen Motor Sport podcast.