Podcast: Gordon Murray, Engineering the Greats

Motor Sport Podcast

The top drivers that Gordon Murray has worked with reads like a list of Motor Sport Hall of Fame inductees. In this podcast, he explains what it takes to engineer the greats

If you’re looking to find what makes a great driver tick, then you need to speak to Gordon Murray.

He’s worked with Jack Brabham and Graham Hill; Piquet, Lauda, Prost and Senna in his stellar Formula 1 career. In the final podcast of our Engineering the Great series, he reveals some of the secrets of these winning partnerships between designer and driver.

In the hour-long recording, he crams in tales of the best drivers he’s worked with; how Carlos Pace could have been a world champion; and how every driver falls into one of three categories.

There’s more detail on his T.50 fan car project — with the obligatory mention of his Brabham fan car — plus Murray’s views on why electric cars are not the future.

Listen now below.


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