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Alpine breathes new life into the legend of the 1975 Tour de Corse rally  

Alpine A110 Tour de Corse mountain road

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What rally fan who dares deem him or herself as such doesn’t still dream or reminisce about the “good old days” … of the arrival of the monsters the mid-70s? Those Group 4 fire-breathing dragons thrashing their way along Europe’s backroads, setting our hearts a-pounding – every corner and every jump along the way.

There were some never-to-be-forgotten moments back then – so extraordinary that they became etched into the myth and legend of the sport forever.

One such moment was the 1975 Tour de Corse – the penultimate round of the world championship in November of that year. 77 cars would set out from the port of Ajaccio for 1,244 km of rallying in two stages, in what has been labelled as the “rally of 10,000 corners”. Only 22 would make it to the finish line. Described as being more like a gruelling high-speed race than a rally, the drivers were pushed to the limit – and quite often past it.

Having dominated European rallies since the late 60s, in 1975 the French Alpine Berlinettes now found themselves up against a new Goliath in the shape of the Lancia Stratos, propelled by a much more powerful engine. In total, four factory Alpines and around 20 private teams represented the French marque.

Day one of the rally saw numerous retirements due to the gruelling conditions, and the event was thrown into a state of bedlam when Corsican separatists felled a tree that blocked the route, causing the cancellation of three special stages. The late arrival of the contenders back in Ajaccio meant the teams would have only one hour to rest in the early hours of the morning before heading out for the second stage. It was one of the most epic, breath-taking rallies of its day, and while the private Stratos No6 was victorious, the No7 Alpine A110 was just 32 seconds away in second place, with seven Alpines finishing in the top ten places.

Alpine A110 Tour de Corse – a limited edition

Fast forward to 2022. The incredible spirit of resilience of the Alpine teams has been reinterpreted by the brand in a limited edition of 150 units. The new Alpine A110 Tour de Corse 75 draws its inspiration from the No7 Berlinette that competed in the 1975 Tour de Corse. But it’s more than just a flashback to one particular rally. Alpine has is in fact designed this car to purposefully celebrate an era of “avant-garde in terms of music, design and architecture”.

When it comes to driving experience, the structure and fit of the chassis, the configuration of the suspension and a further reduction in weight bring the sensation closer to that of the 1975 model, giving it a more aggressive, edgy character than the urban versions.

Alpine A110 Tour de Corse interior
Alpine A110 Tour de Corse front wing

The exterior design of the car means you won’t really go unnoticed when you’re popping down to the shops. The iconic sunflower yellow contrasts sharply with the deep black bonnet and roof with added white stripes and trim, completed with specific glossy white 18-inch “Grand Prix” wheels and stand-out orange Brembo brake callipers. Inside, the car sports a “Tour de Corse 75” limited edition metal plate, Sabelt Racing “Tour de Corse” seats, a microfiber pack, and optional racing harness, just to mention a few of the “extras”.

While this new limited edition will no doubt attract numerous rally aficionados, she no doubt also has a market with lovers of that delightful French je ne sais quoi when it comes to design, style and flair. It is a bold statement, and like her or dislike her, she will stand out in any crowd with quite a good dose of panache.

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