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Access every milestone in the history of your classic car, stored digitally and available to view on your phone

My Classic car life phone app

Remember Eamonn Andrews’ big red book on the ITV biographical show This Is Your Life? My Classic Car Life is a digital version of that weighty tome for your classic car, a secure place where you can store all your important documents, images and anything else that tells the unique story of your head-turning vehicle.

Until now, such information has been stored in desk drawers, lever files, USB sticks, CD-ROMs or even lost, but keeping these details in the Swiss digital vault of My Classic Car Life – a data centre that is ISO27001-certified, the highest international information security standard – means that these gems of data can be called up instantly on your smartphone from wherever you are in the world.

With My Classic Car, each and every event is another milestone in the history of your classic car, which can add to its value. Here’s how it works…

Get the app

First you need to download the My Classic Car Life app from the AppStore. Then choose your level of membership.

LITE is the free option for storing details of one car, which gives 500Mb of storage (equivalent to 750 pictures or documents).

SILVER is for up to five cars, with 1000Mb of storage per vehicle (equivalent to 1500 pictures or documents). Membership cost is €100 (approx. £90) a year.

GOLD is the premium service, allowing details of any number of cars in your collection, with 5Gb storage per vehicle (equivalent to 7500 pictures or documents). Membership cost is €500 (approx. £455) a year.

Each option has a hosting fee of €6 (£5.50) a month by car.

Friends and enthusiasts

Launched in 2019, My Classic Car Life is the idea of lifelong friends and car enthusiasts Arnaud and Edouard, who regularly take part in motoring events. Their aim is to provide a user-friendly platform where collectors’ documents can be securely stored. All information is kept on the company’s servers and not in a shared cloud, and no details are passed to third parties.

For more and to start a free trial, visit

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