2019 F1 season: the expert verdicts - Damon Hill


Damon Hill on his drivers, races and performances of the 2019 F1 season

Photo: Motorsport Images

Sky Sports F1 signed up 1996 Formula 1 World Champion Damon Hill to their pundit roster for the 2012 Grand Prix season. He was an immediate hit and Damon has been providing fascinating insight since then. He never ducks a difficult question, and his forthright views have been a mainstay of Sky’s Formula 1 coverage, not to mention his off-the-wall Twitter profile.  

Just before Damon sat down to his Christmas lunch, he sent over his thoughts on the 2019 season.

You can hear more of his analysis of the year in the Motor Sport season review podcast with Damon and Karun Chandhok

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Your overriding memory of 2019? 

A few more teams taking the fight to Mercedes. Thank God!


The greatest performance of the season? 

Charles Leclerc at Monza. Pure F1 poetry.
(The Italian Grand Prix saw Leclerc’s second consecutive race win and the Frenchman dominated the weekend for the country’s national team.)


The greatest race?

Brazil was great. But bring on those restarts!

Restarts boosted the drama at Interlagos Photo: Motorsport Images

The most underwhelming driver? 

Very sadly, not what we wanted to see for Robert Kubica.


The most underwhelming team? 

Oops. Do I really have to say?


A few words to describe champion Lewis Hamilton? 

As close to perfect as you’d want. Thankfully he’s still human.


If I was in charge at Williams I would… 

Sack myself.


What are your thoughts on Formula 1’s new owners? 

They are doing a good job. But we miss Bernie.


What do you make of the 2021 regulations? 

At least they are trying. Who knows?


Who was the bright young star for you this season? 

Lando Norris.


Who will win the championship next season? 

That would be telling.

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