2019 F1 season: the expert verdicts - Paul di Resta


Paul di Resta gives his views on the 2019 Formula 1 season: the best and most underwhelming drivers, plus the greatest race of the year

Paul di Resta interviews Lewis Hamilton

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Between winning races in the World Endurance Championship — most recently in Bahrain — Paul di Resta brings his F1 experience to TV viewers, working as a pundit for Sky Sports and filling in for Martin Brundle in the commentary box when required.

He’s also the latest expert to give his verdict on the 2019 Formula 1 season for Motor Sport: read who di Resta rated this year, and who he thought fell short.

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Your overriding memory of 2019?

Good racing, and it was nice to see the battles from qualifying to the races, which were not always predictable.

The greatest performance of the season?

Max in Austria was a stand-out performance, as was Hockenheim.
(Ed – Max Verstappen dropped from second to eighth in Austria after a problem with his anti-stall. The subsequent victory was the first for a Honda-powered car since Jenson Button in 2006, and was also the first non-Mercedes car to win in 2019. In Hockenheim a wet/dry race caused havoc and while Verstappen reigned supreme, Daniil Kyvat scored a surprise podium for Toro Rosso.)

The greatest race? 

Brazil was my favourite.

The most underwhelming driver?

Robert Kubica.

The most underwhelming team?


Three words to describe champion Lewis Hamilton.

Calculated, consistent, fast

If I was in charge at Williams I would…

The turnaround can happen, but it will need to be driven by people who believe in themselves. It was a similar position before the hybrid engines were introduced, but something needs to change…

What are your thoughts on Formula 1’s new owners?

This is both Ross Brawn and Chase Carey’s big moment in 2021. They have been quite reserved keeping F1 the same with its success from the past. I think they have slowly built up ideas. I like how open they are to suggestions, and the fact it’s opened up more for people attending races, especially on the paddock side.

What do you make of the 2021 regulations?

Always hard to say, but if you believe the data it’s going to be mega! I liked the presentation.

Who was the bright young star for you this season?

Carlos Sainz.

Who will win the championship next season?

Lewis, but I would like to see Max get it. Over the past 18 months he has been the best driver I think.

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