Engineering the greats: F1 podcasts coming soon


Adrian Newey, Patrick Head and Gordon Murray are among the F1 engineers in our latest podcast series

Adrian Newey and Patrick Head with Alain Prost at the 1993 San Marino Grand Prix

Adrian Newey and Patrick Head are among the engineers that feature in our latest podcast series

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To make a great driver, you need bravery, instinct and speed. To make that driver great, you need a talented engineer.

In the latest Motor Sport podcast series, we interview some of Formula 1’s most brilliant engineers. These are designers of championship-winning cars, whose ingenuity and creativeness have seen them develop ground-breaking technology that has found success in the sport and beyond.

Our series begins later this week with Adrian Newey, followed by weekly podcasts featuring Patrick Head, Frank Dernie, John Barnard and Gordon Murray.

These individuals offer more than just insight into their engineering prowess. Their tales also shed light on the legendary drivers they worked with: how they trained and prepared, and what it takes to win a world championship.

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