F1 announces new 'Overtake Award' trophy


F1 has announced a new prize for the driver with the most overtakes at the end of a season, and a flurry of new in-race graphics to help fans follow competitors' progress

Hamitlon overtake

Who will be the winner of F1's new 'Crypto.com Overtake Award'?

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Hot on the heels of the ‘Pirelli Speed King Award’, Formula 1 now has another new trophy on offer – the ‘Crypto.com Overtake Award’.

Presented to the driver who has the most on-track overtakes at the end of the season, the award is “designed to celebrate the bravery exhibited by drivers who make bold moves in pursuit of success.”

A promotional video instructs viewers to ‘Get ready for the heroes of wheel to wheel combat’, accompanied at that exact moment by footage of Lewis Hamilton recently colliding recently with Max Verstappen.

Who has the most overtakes at this point in the season? The fearless Fernando Alonso? The swashbuckling Daniel Ricciardo? It is in fact Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel. F1 doesn’t specify whether his latest Hungarian GP result is included in the calculations.

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Additional broadcast graphics within races will indicate “overtaking possibilities and potential moves, and to help fans keep track of drivers’ progress in the hunt for the Crypto.com Overtake Award.”

Though the Qualifying Sprint was met with overall positive feedback by fans, drivers and teams, the ‘F1 Insights powered by AWS’ graphics have been met with ridicule by some – the jury will be out on the extra on-screen information.

This isn’t all fans have got to look forward to – F1 has said there will “be other innovative Crypto.com branded content introduced across the official F1 social media and digital platforms.”

Crypto.com of course sponsors F1’s fabled blue bus, which parades round the winner of the Sprint Qualifying on a ‘Victory Lap’.

“We’re delighted to be expanding our partnership with Crypto.com as we introduce the Overtake Award which will integrate the brand into Formula 1 throughout the season, in addition to the title partnership of the F1 Sprint Events,” Ben Pincus, Director of Commercial Partnerships at F1 said. “The Crypto.com Overtake Award gives us the chance to celebrate drivers’ instincts to make bold and strategic moves which reflects the qualities needed when dealing in cryptocurrency.” Here’s looking to F1 drivers getting ‘Crypto’ on track.