F1 highlights to remain on Channel 4 in 2020, as broadcaster strikes Sky deal


A new agreement between Sky and Channel 4 will keep Formula 1 highlights on free-to-view TV next season, with the British Grand Prix to be shown live

Charles Leclerc leads at the start of the 2019 Italian Grand Prix

Photo: Motorsport Images

Formula 1 highlights will remain on Channel 4 next season after the publicly-owned channel and Sky agreed to extend the current broadcast rights deal for 2020.

The new agreement will keep highlights of 21 of next year’s 22 F1 races on terrestrial television in 2020. The British Grand Prix will once again be shown live on Channel 4.

Sky’s current F1 contract runs until 2024 and was struck with Bernie Ecclestone before the sport was sold to Liberty Media. Part of the Sky deal includes a provision that extended highlights must be shown on a widely-available free-to-view channel.

Sky must also ensure that the British Grand Prix is available to view live without having to pay a subscription fee.

The agreement that Sky has with Channel 4 currently enforces a limit on the amount of on-track action allowed to take up Channel 4’s two-hour programme.

After the BBC ended its F1 deal early in 2015, Channel 4 assumed rights to show live races until 2018. Since then, Sky has had exclusive rights to broadcast live races, leaving Channel 4 with highlights only.

“Channel 4 has established itself as the go-to channel for free to air television coverage of Formula 1 and we’re thrilled that motorsport fans will be able to continue to enjoy the excitement of F1 through our highlights of all the races and live coverage of the British Grand Prix,” Channel 4 CEO Alex Mahon said.

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