Fangio at Monaco


It’s approaching deadline day here in the Motor Sport office, and as Ed Foster put it on Twitter, “chat has dropped and tea rounds have multiplied”.

So while a thought for the magazine’s editorial team is always appreciated, sometimes it’s nice to see other people working hard. As if we needed an excuse to post this video…

Here we have ‘The Maestro’, Juan Manual Fangio, drifting around Monaco in a Lancia D50, the car in which he won his fourth of five World Championships. 1956 was never going to be Fangio’s happiest year, even if he did take the title. The legendarily laid-back veteran was always suspicious of Enzo Ferrari’s machinations, but knew that his team presented him with best chance of retaining his crown. This film was shot in 1970 – some 12 years after his retirement – but as you’ll see, Fangio doesn’t exactly take it easy. The slow motion footage at the end is especially impressive, showing just how smooth his style was.

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