Gallery: 2022 Miami GP Formula 1 driver helmets


See all the 2022 Miami GP F1 driver crash helmets – check back to see updates as more are revealed throughout the weekend

Lando Norris McLaren 2022 F1 crash helmet

Lando Norris has brought the crash helmet heat to the Miami GP


The 2022 Formula 1 season is now well underway, and as the season progresses we’ve already seen drivers use a number of variations on their usual crash helmet designs.

Variety is the spice of life as they say, and many drivers are proving this once again with special edition headwear for the Miami GP.

Scroll down to view the Magic City-only lids, and check back to see as more crash helmets are revealed throughout the weekend.


2022 Miami GP crash helmets

Max Verstappen

Palm trees and ’80s graphics backed by pink and turquoise are common themes in this year’s Miami collection, and we see that Max Verstappen has a textbook Sunshine State effort in a rethink on his classic lid design.

Sergio Perez

Another solid effort here, Perez keeping to those classic Miami colours yet merging it with his usual cranial livery.

Lando Norris

Quite convenient that the lines of a basketball are rather similar to the contours of Lando Norris’s crash helmet design. So similar in fact, he’s made a special one-off lid celebrating that fact.

Just need Michael Jordan, who is present in Miami and allowed the McLaren driver use his golf course, to pose with it now and Lando’s set.

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Daniel Ricciardo

In tribute to his favourite film, Daniel Ricciardo has had himself produced a lid which pays references Ace Ventura, the film centred around a dynamic pet detective who is contracted to locate the stolen Miami Dolphins mascot (also a dolphin).

The helmet is a reproduction of the Hawaiian shirt Jim Carey wears in the 1994 flick, also featuring Ace’s badge on the side of his helmet.


Sebastian Vettel

Vettel has become more and more interested in environmental matters in recent years, and he indicated this further by illustrating the threat posed to Miami through storms and floods.

Riffing on the theme, his Miami-only helmet represents a snorkel and goggle set underwater.


Fernando Alonso

Nando sticks to a more traditional effort, similar to Verstappen, but that’s not to say it’s an unpleasant offering in this banquet of one-time head gear.

Pierre Gasly

The ‘Gasman‘ seems to have fallen head over heels for NFTs, and he presented his Miami lid as one.

Presumably he’ll be wearing the real thing on his head come FP1, not some kind of MP4/JPEG.

Yuki Tsunoda

Looking bemused as ever at this latest AlphaTauri publicity stunt he was pulled in for, poor Yuki Tsunoda seems to have had this helmet inflicted upon him by “artist and visionary” Remote (also know as Jay Bellichi).

The design is a slight departure from some others on this list as the graffiti artist has chosen to use his traditional style, instead of reaching for the usual palm tree and white Ferrari decals.

Valtteri Bottas

As if there wasn’t enough crash helmets to deal with this weekend, Alfa Romeo’s Flying Finn has come up with not one, but three special edition lids.

Bottas has kept up with the ’80s Miami Vice / Tron theme but split it across three Stilo protective head wear pieces.

Zhou Guanyu

Zhou Guanyu, the cool F1 driver no-one saw coming, goes for a Daniel Ricciardo-style art splash, complete with Space Jam-era Bugs Bunny-a-like and basket ball court on his crown.

Alex Albon

Albono did an apparent helmet swap with renowned trainspotter Francis Bourgeois, signifying the Thai-British driver going full-blue this weekend.

Mick Schumacher

Here’s another one – it’s Mick Schumacher’s typical crash helmet, but doused in the melting pot that is the 2022 Miami Crypto something 500 GP colour palette.

To be fair to the Schumacher prince, there’s a nice baseline there to work from, and a quite pleasing lid has been produced as a result.