How it happened: Hamilton's stunning 2020 Turkish Grand Prix win


Lap by lap - Lewis Hamilton left his rivals well behind to take a seventh F1 world championship and race win in Turkey

Toto Wolff, Sebastian Vettel and Sergio PErez spray Lewis Hamilton with champagne on the Istanbul PArk p[odium after the 2020 F1 Turkish Grand Prix

Wolff, Vettel and Perez celebrate with Hamilton on the podium

Kenan Asyali/Getty Images

On the trickiest of afternoons, Lewis Hamilton splashed through a wet and slippery Istanbul Park track and claimed a memorable victory on a difficult day in Turkey.

From sixth on the grid, he survived a first-lap error and 50 laps on bald intermediates to take the top step and this year’s championship, equalling Michael Schumacher’s seven world titles.

“My family — we dreamed of this when I was young and we were watching the grands prix and this is way, way beyond our dreams,” he said.

“I have to always start with saying such a huge thank you to all the guys who are here and who are back at the factory. The journey we’ve been on is monumental.”

In a hint to his future plans, he added: “I feel like I’m just getting started, I feel in great shape. I would love to stay, I feel like we have a lot of work to do here.”

The rain dissipated half an hour before lights out but most cars started on full wet tyres, as the new track surface retained plenty of water for the drivers to deal with on the opening laps. There was also the threat of further showers later in the day.

Lance Stroll’s formation lap was brisk, the Canadian perhaps using the exploratory lap to find any kind of grip but it left the front quarter of the grid waiting for the rest to arrive for a long time.

Lance Stroll leads for Racing Point atv the start of the 2020 F1 Turkish Grand Prix at Istanbul Park

Stroll leads into Turn One at the start

Salih Zeki Fazlioglu/Getty Images

It was a dream getaway though from Stroll and Sergio Perez to leap into a Racing Point one-two on the first lap. Max Verstappen’s launch was the worst of anybody and he slipped down to seventh position with plenty of wheelspin before arriving at Turn One.

Lewis Hamilton was pinched by both Renaults into the first corner but it was the yellow cars that came off worse, as Daniel Ricciardo tapped Esteban Ocon into a spin.

Valtteri Bottas’ slim title hopes were dealt an immediate blow, spinning himself trying to avoid the pirouetting Ocon ahead, and the Finn was down to 18th by the end of lap one following a second spin at Turn Nine.

Hamilton’s first lap wasn’t smooth sailing either, a lock-up into Turn Nine sent him across the grass. A fast-starting Sebastian Vettel and recovering Verstappen were quickly past and Alex Albon snuck his Red Bull through into fifth under braking into Turn 11.

Vettel’s rise through the order on the first lap from 11th was impressive but Verstappen was clearly the faster of the two and desperate to get by in the opening stages.

A lock-up into Turn 11 on lap two though dropped the Dutchman back briefly as drivers continued to search out any form of grip in the slick surface.

Valtteri Bottas and Esteban Ocon spin on the first lap of the 2020 F1 Turkish Grand Prix at Istanbul Park

Ocon and Bottas were among those to struggle on the slippery surface on lap one

Serhat Cagdas/Getty Images

Ferrari was the first team to blink for intermediates, with Charles Leclerc pitting on lap seven for the green-marked Pirelli tyres to become the first driver in the field to do so, apart from the Williams which started from the pitlane.

He wasn’t the only one who was eager for a switch, with Bottas telling his team he would not be able to make it through the traffic ahead. The Mercedes driver was in a lap later but it was already too late and it cost the Finn track position to Leclerc.

Vettel and Hamilton followed their team-mate’s examples and were both in on lap nine but the Red Bulls soldiered on, hoping for an overcut.

The moves behind brought the race leader in on lap 10, relinquishing the lead to Perez but perhaps still stinging from yesterday’s unfortunate decision to switch to interest in qualifying, Verstappen remained on track despite fast sector times from the others as the crossover point arrived.

Perez’s stop on lap 11 handed the lead to Verstappen and Albon followed through to make it a Red Bull one-two, but they were the only two other than Ocon still running on wet tyres by then.

Lap 12, Verstappen was in and out managing to get out ahead of Vettel and Hamiton in third but only just. Perez’s slow stop dragged him into the fight with the trio behind, but Albon’s stop one lap later cost him even more track position, and he rejoined in sixth.

The first retirement of the afternoon was not from a crash but a mechanical issue. A virtual safety car was deployed on lap 14 to recover the stranded Alfa Romeo of Antonio Giovinazzi. The VSC was withdrawn on lap 15, but Stroll lost two seconds of his 10sec lead to Perez in the process.

Hamilton was eager to get by Vettel on the restart but an attempt into Turn 11 and lock-up put him wide and Albon was there to pick up the pieces and fifth position.

The Anglo-Thai driver made a move on the Ferrari immediately, moving ahead and putting Hamilton back on the gearbox of Vettel again. His team-mate and title rival was continuing to have a torrid time in the tricky conditions.

A third spin of the afternoon for Bottas sent him back down the order into 15th place from the edge of the points.

Verstappen had been reeling in Perez for second and on lap 19 was closer than ever before. The Mexican ran deep into Turn Nine and opened the door to the Red Bull for a slipstream attempt down the back straight.

Cooped right up underneath the rear wing of the Racing Point, Verstappen lost downforce through the right kink onto the straight and ran wide into the waterlogged run-off, pitching him into a high-speed spin.

Vettel and Hamilton were through as the Dutchman recovered to the pits to replace his now flat-spotted intermediates at the end of lap 19.

Max Verstappan's Red Bull follows the Racing Point of Sergio Perez during the 2020 F1 Turkish Grand Prix

Verstappen closed the gap on Perez but span as he tried to pass

Joe Portlock/F1 via Getty Images

Bottas’ hopes were all but over before the halfway point arrived, and his fourth spin of the afternoon on lap 22 put him down to 17th.

Verstappen’s stop unleashed Albon to chase down the Racing Point duo. Albon was keeping Perez honest at around 1sec behind but Stroll’s lead was down to just 3.5sec having led by three times that after the first stops.

By halfway, the top five were all still within touching distance. Vettel and Hamilton started closing on the top three; first to fifth were covered by just 10sec with the track drying rapidly in places.

All through the field, drivers had begun to seek out the wet patches but there was still plenty of standing water in places to make the switch to slick tyres too big a step.

Lap 30 and the stewards deemed conditions suitable enough to enable DRS as drivers and engineers still pondered new inters versus gamble to slicks.

Once again, Leclerc was the first to roll the dice, boxing on lap 31 for a fresh set of inters as the track remained stubbornly slippery.

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Ricciardo had been fairly anonymous in the sixth position, and Carlos Sainz had closed in on the Australian with Verstappen chasing the McLaren. A mistake by the Renault into Turn Nine was all Sainz needed to nip by for P6, and Ricciardo was in for fresh inters at the end of the lap.

With Leclerc setting a blistering pace on his new tyres, Vettel was in on lap 34 as Sainz responded to Ricciardo’s stop on lap 33. For the second race running, a slow stop cost Vettel crucial time.

Albon had been complaining of no grip and a spin at Turn Four allowed Hamilton to sneak through, but despite witnessing the pitfalls of worn rubber, Hamilton asked not to be pitted on the following lap.

The pressure was steadily mounting on Stroll, with Perez closing to within a second of the race leader and Hamilton keeping touch in third.

Kevin Magnussen had been running in the top 10 in the early phase of the race but his second stop undid his hard work, having to pull over at the pit exit after an error fitting his fresh inters.

Stroll blinked on lap 37 for new intermediates, rejoining in P4 and behind Verstappen, leaving Perez and Hamilton battling for the lead.

It didn’t take the Mercedes long at all. With DRS, Hamilton took the lead of the race on lap 37 and extended his lead to 5.3sec in just two laps.

Valtteri Bottas recovers from one of several spins in the 2020 F1 Turkish Grand Prix

Bottas recovers from a other spin on a frustrating day


On the fresh intermediates, both Ferraris were flying, and Vettel capitalised on Stroll’s difficulties to gain fourth on lap 40 into Turn 11. A late-braking defence of the position left the Canadian well offline and deep into the corner, allowing a rapid Leclerc by for good measure.

Leclerc made light work of Vettel on the following lap with DRS, while Albon dispatched Stroll further behind.

Sainz was the next driver to get by the Racing Point as the Canadian’s afternoon unravelled further on his fresh tyres.

The skies began to darken once more in the final phase of the race, with rain threatening to add yet another twist before the chequered flag.

Leclerc was the one on fresh tyres making the most of the new rubber, and he moved clear of Verstappen with ease to try and catch Perez and Hamilton.

As the braking zone continued to dry into Turn 11 the DRS-assisted passes continued, as Carlos Sainz cleared Albon for fifth.

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The two Mercedes team-mates were title rivals heading into the race, but after a fifth spin for Bottas, he was lapped by Hamilton on lap 46, after appearing reluctant to move out of the way.

McLaren’s recovery job after post-qualifying penalties had both drivers running in the points into the final 10 laps and Norris was gradually catching Ricciardo for P9.

With DRS help Norris was in range on lap 50 and, under braking, the Renault driver’s defence was over as he found a patch of water and spun allowing Norris through.

Daniel Ricciardo spins his Renault in front of Lando Norris' McLaren during the 2020 F1 Turkish Grand Prix at Istanbul Park

Late Ricciardo spin allowed Norris into eighth

Joe Portlock/F1 via Getty Images

Leclerc had run wide two laps earlier at Turn Four, and almost synchronised spins for Grosjean and Verstappen on lap 51 showed just how tricky the conditions were still in the closing laps as heavy rain started to show on the weather radars.

Verstappen quickly recovered from the error, and moved by Albon for sixth just two laps later.

Stroll was relegated to ninth by Norris with two laps to go, rounding out a disappointing race for the pole-sitter.

Out in front, Hamilton’s lead only grew from when he took the lead. From sixth on the grid, he took his 10th win of the season and his seventh F1 world championship title.

Sergio Perez clung on to second and Sebastian Vettel rounded out the podium with a great drive from 11th on the grid after a last-ditch attempt by Leclerc to take second at T11 put him deep and off the track.

Having gone deep at Turn Nine, Leclerc had briefly taken second place from Perez but with DRS, the Racing Point made it back alongside the Ferrari driver.

A huge lock-up left Leclerc off the track in the final chicane, and Vettel snuck through for third.

Lewis Hamilton holds the winner's trophy from the 2020 F1 Turkish Grand Prix where he won his 7th F1 world championship

2020 F1 Turkish Grand Prix race results

Position Driver Team Time Points
1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 58 laps 25
2 Sergio Perez Racing Point +31.633sec 18
3 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari +31.960sec 15
4 Charles Leclerc Ferrari +33.858sec 12
5 Carlos Sainz McLaren +34.363sec 10
6 Max Verstappen Red Bull +44.873sec 8
7 Alex Albon Red Bull +46.484sec 6
8 Lando Norris McLaren +1min 01.259sec 5*
9 Lance Stroll Racing Point +1min 12.353sec 2
10 Daniel Ricciardo Renault +1min 35.460sec 1
11 Esteban Ocon Renault +1 lap
12 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri +1 lap
13 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri +1 lap
14 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes +1 lap
15 Kimi Räikkönen Alfa Romeo +1 lap
16 George Russell Williams +1 lap
17 Kevin Magnussen Red Bull +2 laps
Romain Grosjean Haas DNF
Nicholas Latifi Williams DNF
Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo DNF

*Includes additional point for fastest lap


F1 Drivers’ Championship standings after Round 14 (Turkish GP)

Position Driver Team Points
1 Lewis Hamilton
(2020 champion)
Mercedes 307
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 197
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull 170
4 Sergio Perez Racing Point 100
5 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 97
6 Daniel Ricciardo Renault 96
7 Carlos Sainz McLaren 75
8 Lando Norris McLaren 74
9 Alex Albon Red Bull 70
10 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 63
11 Lance Stroll Racing Point 59
12 Esteban Ocon Renault 40
13 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 33
14 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauri 26
15 Nico Hülkenberg Racing Point 10
16 Kimi Räikkönen Alfa Romeo 4
17 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo 4
18 Romain Grosjean Haas 2
19 Kevin Magnussen Williams 1
20 Nicholas Latifi Williams 0
21 George Russell Haas 0


F1 Constructors’ Championship standings after Round 14 (Turkish GP)

Position Team Points
1 Mercedes
(2020 champion)
2 Red Bull 240
3 Racing Point 154
4 McLaren 149
5 Renault 136
6 Ferrari 130
7 AlphaTauri 89
8 Alfa Romeo 8
9 Haas 3
10 Williams 0