Huge Lando Norris crash red-flags 2021 Belgian GP qualifying


Lando Norris has had a huge crash at the Belgian GP in qualifying, red-flagging the session

Lando Norris, 2021 Belgian GP Qualifying

Eau Rouge aquaplane sent Norris into the barriers

Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP via Getty Images

A huge crash for Lando Norris brought out the red flag at the start of Q3 for 2021 Belgian Grand Prix qualifying, the Brit having dominating the session up to that point.

Conditions were treacherous throughout the whole of qualifying, at times easing off, but the heavens opened fully just before Q3. Sebastian Vettel questioned why the session was not being red-flagged due to the adverse conditions, as he was soon justified in his stance.

Heading into Eau Rouge, Norris lost control of his McLaren, the rear of the MCL35M hitting the barrier, tearing off that end of the car and then spitting debris across the track.

Norris came to a rest at the top of the hill, radioing in to his team to apologise, gingerly exiting his car under his own steam but clutching one elbow.

“What the **** did I say? It’s unnecessary – is he okay?” said Vettel in response, just happening to be the next driver through – he slowed down to check if Norris was OK before driving on.

Norris checked at the trackside medical centre and then taken to hospital for an x-ray on his elbow,

The British driver, currently third in the championship, has been cleared to race in the grand prix and will start tenth — unless McLaren incurs penalties for repairs needed to the car.

“Big crash and feeling a little bruised but I’m well and recovering ready for the race tomorrow,” Norris posted on Instagram, alongside a picture of his left arm in a support sleeve. “Thank you for all the messages, see you on race day.”