Jonathan Palmer podcast


As we sat in Jonathan Palmer’s Brands Hatch office we overlooked a motorbike track day in action and were served bacon sandwiches, fresh coffee and orange juice – as podcasts go, we were already onto a winner (not a good one to miss Simon Arron…).

You’ll be pleased to hear the content was also great as Jonathan talked about Jolyon’s success in GP2 this year, the state of Formula 1 and why he has so far not been tempted to run a team. We also looked back at his career and how he managed to train as a doctor while racing in Formula Ford (reading medical notes while hammering up the M1, towing his racer).

As a side note, I took the editor to and from the podcast in my 1992 750cc Fiat Panda. While I doubt he will be buying one anytime soon, he wasn’t totally disgusted by it. Having said that, it was a far cry from the helicopter Jonathan arrived in. If you would like to subscribe to the Motor Sport podcasts then visit our iTunes page. To find all our podcasts in one convenient place, visit our SoundCloud page

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