June's audio podcast with Christian Horner


Welcome to another Motor Sport audio podcast. This month Christian Horner very kindly gave us an hour of his time (something that’s almost unheard of for a team principal in the middle of the Formula 1 season!) and we made the trip up to Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes.


The journey wasn’t without dramas… Myself, the editor Damien Smith and all the recording equipment set off from head office in Chelsea in plenty of time in his trusty BMW. However, within a mile of traffic the car was hot, very, very hot in fact and it soon came to a grinding halt. After a brief panicked phone call to my brother Will, I deserted the editor at Shepherd’s Bush and ran to my brother’s car (a surprisingly brilliant Ford Mondeo ST220) that he very kindly lent me.


So, if you’re wondering why Damien doesn’t say too much in the podcast, it’s because he was on a tow truck – with his car. The recording thankfully went according to plan and I hope you enjoy what Christian has to say. Thank you for the car Will, and thank you Christian.

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