Lewis Hamilton takes new engine and 10-place grid penalty for Turkish GP


A new internal combustion engine for Lewis Hamilton will incur a grid penalty for the Turkish GP, but he's unlikely to start at the back

Lewis Hamilton at istanbul Park

Hamilton won the title last year in Turkey. This year, an engine penalty could dent his challenge

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton will take a grid penalty at the Turkish Grand Prix this weekend, after Mercedes announced that he would use a new engine for the race.

The reigning champion has already used his allocation of three internal combustion engines, so will incur a ten-place grid drop on Sunday.

However, unlike Max Verstappen at the Russian Grand Prix, Hamilton is not using new turbocharger and hybrid components, so will not have to start at the back.

The engine penalty could have a significant impact on this year’s finely-balanced championship fight, with just two points separating Hamilton from Verstappen at the moment.

The Dutchman minimised the impact of his back-of-the-grid start in Russia, thanks to the chaos caused by a late downpour, to finish second and maintain the pressure on Mercedes.

Hamilton will be looking to do the same in Istanbul, starting from the midfield — assuming he qualifies at the front.