Motor Sport Hall of Fame ticket lottery



So what is the Motor Sport Hall of Fame? We admit, the concept is hardly a new one. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the United States, certainly the best-known example, has been well established since the mid-1980s. They are popular in sporting arenas too, but less so in the UK – and that got us thinking. If Motor Sport wanted to celebrate the heritage of racing while at the same time tipping its hat to contemporary stars, what better way than opening our own Hall of Fame?


But why now? Well, as regular readers will know we’ve been working hard to revitalise Motor Sport, re-building the reputation created by Denis Jenkinson and Bill Boddy as an important ‘voice’ on all motor racing matters. We like to think the magazine stands for excellence and independence for all free-thinking fans of our sport, and we believe the time is right to honour the great names in a way that will carry resonance and respect around the world.


Now, we make magazines and have no interest in moving into the construction industry. Our Hall of Fame won’t be a physical entity! Rather, it will be an exclusive club for the greatest, fastest and most influential figures in our sport. In time, we hope it becomes a byword for recognised brilliance and achievement.


We’re opening this virtual Hall of Fame on February 10 at the Round House, one of London’s most popular venues for events and concerts. On the night, eight founding members will be named – the ‘pillars’ of our Hall of Fame, if you like. These eight are figures from motor racing history who are the most obvious to be included in such a club. So obvious in fact, they are beyond being inducted. They’re in from the start, even if some must be included posthumously. There’s a clue as to their identities in our Hall of Fame logo on this page…

Joining the founding members will be the first four inductees, who will take their place in the Hall of Fame on the night. We’ll keep you guessing on the quartet for now.

Typically of Motor Sport, we’ll attempt to pop any hint of pomposity. This will be no ‘black-tie’ dinner. Rather, a stylish celebration of racing complete with live music, fine wine and good conversation ahead of the new season.

Would you like to join us on February 10? If so, we are offering five pairs of tickets to subscribers. All you’ll need is your subscriber number to enter the lottery and the names will be drawn on January 31.

Simply email your subscriber number and full contact details to [email protected] with ‘Motor Sport Hall of Fame lottery’ as the subject. The five winners will be selected at random, but please bear in mind that subscriber numbers will be checked!

If you aren’t a subscriber then there’s no need to panic as you can become one here. Don’t miss out on what will be a great evening.


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