The only 2019 motor sport calendar you'll need


We’ve got a huge 2019 calendar for sale – here’s a sneak peek

November 2019 Motor Sport calendar

The Cahier photographic archive is the last of its kind. Completely independent, shot and owned by the same family (almost) since the dawn of Grand Prix racing, its images are among the most stunning of all in motor racing.

That is exactly why for the past few years we’ve been partnering with Paul-Henri, son of the late great Bernard, to bring their images to your wall every month with our calendar.

This year’s focus, featuring the stunning and evocative photos from Bernard and Paul-Henri, is on the 1980s.

Turbos, proper sparks, Senna vs Prost – it was Formula 1’s era of bombast. 

Selecting the photos is not easy, which falls to our in-house photographer Lyndon McNeil.

“Having been given a selection of 93 images covering the entire ‘80s from Paul-Henri, it was a tricky task whittling that down to 13…

“The final images were chosen for rarity and how striking they are. We needed to show variety and the ‘80s in all its glory, depicting how Formula 1 had changed through the decade.

“Like I say, it was bloody hard!”

The final 13 (one for the cover, don’t forget…) covers the whole decade, from Alan Jones threading the FW07 through the streets of Monaco in 1980 to Johnny Herbert kicking up a cloud of sparks at Detroit in 1989.

The size of our calendar, A2, means each photo is an ideal size to slice out at the end of the month to be framed. In effect, it’s £29.95 for 13 carefully chosen Cahier photos.

Head to the shop to buy.

(If you want last year’s calendar to pilfer the photos from, focusing then on F1’s winged wonders, it’s just £4.99 currently while stocks last.)


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