Red Bull launches 2022 RB18 car but admits 'it won't look like this at first race'


Red Bull is the first of the big F1 teams to reveal its 2022 car, along with new title sponsor Oracle

RB18 2022 F1 CAR


Red Bull has unveiled its 2022 Formula 1 car — the RB18 — ahead of testing later this month.

Max Verstappen will be running the No1 on his car as is his right as reigning F1 champion. Sergio Perez returns with the team after signing a further one-year deal and will be hoping to get closer to the Dutchman’s pace this season.

The car, at launch, has a distinctive low nose with a shape that’s similar to the show car, built by Formula 1 to indicate what this year’s cars might look like.

Team principal Christian Horner said that significant design changes were expected between now and the first race in Bahrain next month. “By the time we get to the first race, the car is not going to look very much like this,” said Horner. “The evolution will be very very quick as we progress through the through the season.”

The 2021 champion said that entering the season as the man to beat felt no different to any other pre-season.

“[Starting the new season as world champion] doesn’t feel different,” Verstappen said at the launch. “I’m just looking forward to get back in the car asnd start driving it and see how everything is handling.

“A lot is unknown about the car. Personally, I feel good. It’s important to prepare yourself physically but win terms of the car, that’s why I think I’m also very curious to see how the cars behave on track.

“I’ll just do what I do all the time, there is no reason to suddenly be different.”

The team has also changed its name officially from Red Bull Racing Honda to Oracle Red Bull Racing. The tech company will become the team’s title sponsor for the 2022 season, with the US firm’s logos replacing the usual Red Bull sidepod design.

“Having Oracle as our title partner shows the confidence we have in their expertise and their ability to deliver a true competitive advantage,” team principal Christian Horner said of the title partnership.

Red Bull is the second ’22 car launch following Haas‘ livery reveal on a digital rendering last week. Aston Martin is the next team set to show off its new car on February 10.

The team will be aiming to add a constructors’ title to its collection which would be the first since the 2013 season.