Ross Brawn and Nick Fry on Brawn GP's championship


Edit October, 18: It’s nine years since Jenson Button won the world championship, so what better time to revisit Royal Automobile Club Talk Show from 2016

Royal Automobile Club talk show in association with Motor Sport

As part of a new series we have teamed up with the Royal Automobile Club to produce nine talk shows on motor sport. The first one (below) is a look back at the demise of Honda F1 in 2008, the scramble to find a new owner for the team, the eventual buyout by Ross Brawn and Nick Fry and then that amazing championship year in 2009. We hear from the men behind the success about everything from the November 2008 meeting with Honda – when the Japanese manufacturer told them the F1 team’s doors were to be shut – to sealing the Drivers’ Championship in Brazil with Jenson Button.

To download the podcast, visit our SoundCloud page.

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