Ten Abu Dhabi Grand Prix facts


The records that fell following the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

1. Nico Rosberg secured the World Championship after 206 Grands Prix, the longest wait in terms of race starts.

2. In terms of seasons, it’s taken him 11, two fewer than Nigel Mansell’s 13. 

3. The Rosbergs are the second father/son Formula 1 world champions after Graham and Damon Hill

4. Rosberg’s points total is the third highest in history. Only Sebastian Vettel has scored more (2011 and 2013) – when there were fewer races.

5. Germany has won 12 of the last 23 world titles. 

6. With victory in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton became the first driver to win 10 Grands Prix and not win the title.

7. Hamilton’s slow pace meant the top four were unusually close at the flag. But the margin of just 1.685sec is still a way off Monza 1971

8. Kimi Räikkönen bettered Sebastian Vettel in the qualifying battle, the first time he has beaten a team-mate since 2006. He tied with Felipe Massa in 2007 and Romain Grosjean in 2013.

9. Red Bull claimed the DHL fastest pit stop award, servicing Max Verstappen in 2.11sec. That tied them in second with Mercedes-Benz with three awards, some 11 behind Williams.

10. Sergio Pérez scored points for the 10th race in a row to surpass the 100-point mark, a first for a Force India driver.

Compiled with the help of Database curator Peter Higham

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