Watch: A young Stirling Moss and his model cars


Stirling Moss and his partner play with slot cars in this 60-year-old news footage

Stirling Moss 1958 Monaco

While you gaze longingly at your Christmas gifts, watch Stirling Moss play with his slot car racing set for his birthday in this classic British Pathé video.

Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough as Stirling Moss, who gets his own electric racing set as a birthday present in ‘Stirling Moss at Home’ (1958).

Using a Ferrari, the 29-year-old ends up overtaking his Maserati-wielding partner a number of times as his father Alfred Moss watches on. Alfred Moss then presents his son a small wooden cup for his victory and the presenter focuses on Stirling working on a small model car – his new hobby.

That season, Stirling Moss was no stranger to victory having taken four wins and a podium to finish runner-up in the 1958 Grand Prix season.

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The newsreel then focuses on a coin-operated model car race in London in ‘Miniature Grand Prix’ (1966). Eight lucky participants get to experience a new game where you can race Grand Prix cars using steering wheels mounted at the side of the circuit.

Finally, we see diesel-powered models of Formula 3 cars race on a 1:16 scale track in ‘Model Racing Cars’ from 1956.


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