The Bentley Boys at Le Mans

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Read, first hand, the exploits of the Bentley Boys at the Le Mans 24 Hours, from the Motor Sport archive

The Bentley Boys at the 1927 Le Mans 24 Hours. L-R: Frank Clement, Leslie Callingham, Andre d’Erlanger, George Duller, Sammy Davis and Dr. John Benjafield. W.O Bentley is behind in the centre. Photo: Motorsport Images

1926 Le Mans 24 Hours race report

1926 Le Mans 24 Hours Bentley

“Great Britain, represented by three Bentleys, experienced very bad luck in not putting up a better show in this event, held at Le Mans on June 12th and 13th.”

1927 Le Mans 24 Hours race report

1927 Le Mans 24 Hours

“In England we are able to have no road races at all, and there is nowhere in the country where a race can be held for 24 hours. In spite of this, an English car can go abroad and beat all corners in a race under conditions which our more fortunate continental friends can be much more intimately acquainted with.”

1928 Le Mans 24 Hours race report

1928 Le Mans 24 Hours start

“One of the finest road races ever staged on the Continent or anywhere else was run over the Sarthe circuit at Le Mans, on the 16th and 17th of June.”

1930 Le Mans 24 Hours race report

“When on the afternoon of Sunday, 22nd June, Woolf Barnato drew up after his run of 24 hours at Le Mans, Bentley had scored its fourth successive win in the Grand Prix d’Endurance.”

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