A bite-sized taste of Britain


In the pursuit of a clean, user-friendly website, when I am approached by someone to put an advert on the homepage or to give them a mention, I am usually pretty hesitant. However, I just received a call from BP Ultimate and they are doing free English breakfasts for Le Mans ticket holders at the Port of Dover while they are waiting for their ferries between June 11 and 15.

How wonderfully British is that? There is something about a hoard of Brits waiting to board the boats to France and having a full breakfast together that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, and proud to be from the country that has very nearly charged 4×4 drivers £25 a day to use their cars.

Sadly I am going late Friday night from St.Malo so will be unable to go and have my bite-sized mouthful of Britishness before I leave. However, if any of you are going that way then I fully recommend it. Go to the main thoroughfare outside the Passenger Services Building and when passing through the terminal you can pick up your “waitress-served English breakfast”.

While you are there having this very English of English breakfasts there will also be a very German re-engineered Audi fuel-demo car to keep you entertained.

The photo, I am told, is from last year and BP is planning a much larger event in 2008.

See you all at La Sarthe, do come and say hello. I will be the person probably fast asleep on a patch of grass, shattered after riding a motorbike there and back between Friday and Sunday evening. There’s no disguising the enthusiasm.


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