Frank Matich, 1935-2015

Racing History


We were very sad in the Motor Sport office to hear of the death of Frank Matich yesterday. His is a name that might not be familiar to casual fans, but for years Matich was at the heart of Australian motor sport, winning numerous driving titles in the ’60s and early ’70s before turning his attention to building cars. Perhaps more importantly, he was good enough to mix it up with the leading lights of the era and the respect was mutual.

In 2012, Michael Stahl spoke to Matich about his friends and rivals in the sport:

He’s a Tasman race winner, Australian champion driver, sports car and F5000 builder and winner, a successful businessman – and he’s never slow with an opinion. In the 1960s Frank Matich diced with the sport’s greats; here he recalls the men who impressed him

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