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We’ve helped you get there, now this is what you’ll need when camping at Le Mans

Walking around Green Park at the 12 Hours of Sebring in Flordia I once came upon a campsite with its own fishtank, complete with tropical fish swimming around and a chicken coop full of hens. At the 24 Hours Nürburgring I have witnessed a whole pirate ship, including cannons and crow’s nest with a man on lookout, on a steep hillside overlooking the track. At Le Mans I have seen most of a house, with a full kitchen including sink, fridge, chest freezer and dishwasher next door to a lounge with sofas and a TV.

Every year this type of thing goes on and you can’t help but wonder what they left behind to fit all of this in.

Not everyone takes it to such extremes, but there are a few things to remember when it comes to packing for Le Mans. Some are obvious and some are common sense, but if I had a pound for every call we receive during Le Mans week saying ‘I am sorry but I have forgotten my…’ then I would be a very rich man by now.


Without fail somebody every year either forgets their passport or finds out that it has expired just hours before departure. Even with the UK currently still being in the EU, you cannot travel to France without your passport. Passports are crucial and so should be checked well in advance and kept safe at all times. Check it now, if you can. I bet you don’t know when your passport expires!

Losing travel tickets either before you travel or during your stay is less of a problem these days. E-tickets are easily replaced and booking numbers can be quoted in place of a piece of paper, but it is a hassle. It’s much better to keep them in your vehicle so they are available when you need them. Race tickets are another matter. These are not easily replaced so should be kept safe and not left on the kitchen table. Your camping pass should be fixed in your windscreen and your entrance tickets should be kept with you (usually on a lanyard) so that you have them available to be scanned when you enter the circuit.

There are other documents that you shouldn’t leave home without such as your driving licence and car insurance documents. I am sure you would never dream of breaking the speed limit in France, but if you ever do the Gendarmes will ask for these documents as well as money to pay the fine.


‘It always rains at Le Mans’, they say, so it is amazing how ill prepared some people can be for few days at the circuit. That’s not strictly true, but a warm and waterproof outer layer is very important. When the sun goes down you don’t want to have to miss the racing because you are cold or wet, so pack a coat. It is very difficult to describe to someone who hasn’t been to Le Mans before, quite how much walking is involved. Distances between viewing points and your campsite are usually bigger than you think. Wherever you are at Le Mans you are 20 minutes’ walk from where you want to be, I always say. With that in mind a good pair of boots or similar sturdy footwear is essential. Following on from that is socks. You can never have too many. If you’ve ever got up in the night needing the bathroom and forced to pull on wet socks, then you know what I mean. A sock salesman would clean up if they set up shop in a Le Mans campsite. Otherwise, layers of clothing are to be recommended. You can always remove a layer if it is hot or add another layer when it gets cold, so pack your back with multiple layers to stay warm or cool at Le Mans. And, finally, if you have flip-flops bring them. They are perfect for the communal showers!

Camping items

Forgetting your tent is unlikely (though it has happened) but there are other things to bear in mind. You can never have too many tent pegs, and if it has been dry then something stronger than the usual metal peg is required. Bring a mallet, because it will be difficult to get the pegs in with just your hands. A sleeping bag and pillow should go without saying, but we have been asked for spares at Le Mans so double check before you leave. An airbed or sleeping mat are equally useful if you plan on getting much sleep. A torch with batteries is a good idea. Don’t rely on your phone, because when you need it you will probably have it charging in the car. You can survive on circuit food, but nothing beats a Le Mans barbecue. Drivers swear they can smell bacon in the morning as they blast through the Porsche Curves and everything seems better with bacon, doesn’t it? 

The local supermarkets are good for all your essential food items and some of the non-essential ones too. Try and steer clear of glass bottles if you can – camping and glass don’t mix that well and in recent years there has been a crackdown on taking glass in to trackside campsites. Alcohol? Can’t say I’ve tried it myself, but I understand its popular at these kind of events.


These are the things that you want to really add to the whole Le Mans experience but are easily forgotten, a bottle opener and a tin opener for instance. It is no good returning with from the shops with a tin of beans that you can’t open. No doubt your campsite will be located in the perfect location, but if it isn’t a decent water carrier to get your supplies back from the nearest stand-pipe will come in handy.

Travel Destinations staff are consistently asked for phone chargers. We do carry some, but often not for the right model of iPhone or Android, so think about it before you leave and ensure you have an adaptor for your car. An FM radio is so important at Le Mans. If you want to know what is going on, then tuning in to the team on Radio Le Mans is essential. They are brilliant and will be broadcasting right through Le Mans week. You will kick yourself if you forget your radio.

The last thing to mention is money. Even if you forget most things you can always buy them when you are at Le Mans – even a tent! But you shouldn’t carry around too much. Sadly things do go missing at Le Mans, and you don’t want that to be your wallet. We would recommend a small amount of Euros for things like road tolls and your essentials but have a credit card for anything else and keep that separate and safe too.

Top tips for packing for Le Mans are:

  • Check your passport is valid and keep it with you at all times
  • Take layers for warmth and a waterproof as it always rains at Le Mans
  • Don’t forget your FM radio to tune in to Radio Le Mans

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