Panoz to return to Le Mans

Le Mans News

Don Panoz will reveal his latest project at Le Mans this month, promising a ‘never-before-attempted road racing concept.’

Never shy to push the envelope, the Panoz programme is in partnership with electric car technology company Green4U Technologies – also founded by Panoz.

Should it go down the all-electric route its return to Le Mans would be through Garage 56, an entry reserved for innovation. Last year’s Garage 56 was quadruple amputee Frédéric Sausset’s modified LMP2 car, while this year’s bio-methane-powered WR has pulled out for budget reasons.

Panoz has a history of revolutionary ideas, including the Deltawing. More details about the hushed project will be revealed on the Thursday of Le Mans week, on June 15.

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