Rare Porsche 924 GTR under the hammer


Four decades on, is this the closest you’ll get to owning a brand new Porsche 924 GTR?

The ultimate Porsche 924, one of only two GTRs to be shipped to Japan – and one of just 19 ever produced – is being auctioned right now.

This particular 924 has had one previous owner and Lloyds says that it’s completed just 300km having never raced, unlike its other Japanese counterpart. 

The careful Japanese owner in question kept thorough records of how many miles the car travelled at each of the track days he attended, with just 109km completed in the first seven years of his ownership of the car.

Expectedly, the car – a rare incarnation of the 924 –  is factory fresh.

Nine GTRs were raced at Le Mans, with the other 10 campaigned around the world. The trio of GTRs finished the 1980 Le Mans 24 Hours in sixth, 12th and 13th overall, before Andy Rouse and Manfred Schurti took an IMSA GTO class win in the following year (finishing the race 11th overall). In 1982, the GTR took another class win, this time finishing 16th overall. 

The car was a development of the 924 Carrera GT, with Porsche fitting a roll cage, fully adjustable suspension and larger brakes with a modified 2.0-litre engine producing 375hp and 299lb-ft of torque. Weighing 930kg, the Porsche had a top speed of 180mph, reaching 60mph from a standstill in 4.7sec. The price tag back in 1981 was $75,000, but the highest bid on this model is $28,500 AUD (£16,000) on Lloyds Auctions’ European Classics sale.

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