SRO to add esports points to GT World Challenge championship

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Teams competing in the GT World Challenge Europe series are set to earn points on track and in virtual events for the first time this year

SRO GT World esports

The SRO GT World 2021 season is set to include esports as point-scoring rounds

SRO Esports

The first championship to merge virtual and real-world racing is set to take place this year, with esports and track events both contributing to team points.

The SRO GT World Challenge Europe is expected to introduce the new scoring system for its new season, after witnessing the rise in interest of online racing when Covid forced the cancellation of most calendars last year.

Full details are yet to be finalised but the plan is to have professional drivers competing in the virtual world to win virtual points for their teams

SRO said that the esports element would form a small proportion of the overall championship points available, meaning that on-track battles are more likely to shape the title outcome for teams. Drivers would not accrue and points from esports.

Online races will last one hour on Assetto Corsa Competizione, to ensure the Balance of Performance (BoP) system works most effectively over a longer race distance, and will feature mandatory pit stops.

Other series, including Formula 1, are using virtual racing to trial alternative race formats, but SRO’s events will replicate its hour-long sprint races to begin with.

Any format changes would be utilised in the sim racing community first before any changes were implemented in the official pro driver series, and would require the backing of all participating teams to be implemented.

SRO is currently in the process of seeking out team feedback on the system and whether any adjustments should be made.

A spokesman said that the series was considering implementing its own custom BoP should any manufacturers emerge with an advantage during the online races.