Video: Max Verstappen takes Alex Albon on a Red Bull-style road trip

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The Red Bull pair took the time for a bit of sight seeing in the RB7

Max Verstappen & Alex Albon

Red Bull Content Pool

Although the return of the Dutch Grand Prix is on hold for the foreseeable future, Red Bull has released a video to show what fans have to look forward to, as Max Verstappen gave team-mate Alex Albon a unique tour of the country.

Starting at the port of Rotterdam, the pair go for a sight-seeing trip of the Netherlands in Red Bull style, taking two RB7s to a number of landmarks on the way to the Zandvoort circuit, location of the Dutch GP.

From racing around the shipping containers and crates in the port that ships 8.7million containers annually, the two embark on a high-speed tourist trip, leaving Dutch fans bemused and stunned at the sight of an F1 car on public roads and in the city centre.

“We were all looking forward to our home race, of course,” Verstappen said.

“Unfortunately that’s not going to happen now, but hopefully soon. Then we’re going to make a great weekend for the fans. But to be able to show something of the Netherlands in this way is very special. Especially now that there is little Formula 1 action.”


From windmills to greenhouses filled with flowers, stuck behind trucks and bicycles, they eventually make it to the beach where Red Bull spices up the trip in typical high-octane fashion.

FIM MXGP World Champion Jeffrey Herlings joins Verstappen and Albon on the sand, and the motorbike rider took to the the air, jumping both F1 cars before the drivers arrive at Zandvoort.

While the Dutch Grand Prix was meant to take place this past weekend, the sight of F1 cars at Zandvoort was a welcome sight to Verstappen’s ‘orange army’ who made the trip to watch the filming take place.

“We wanted to show the Netherlands to the world this way,” Albon added.

“The film was shot in January and around this time it should have been the Dutch Grand Prix, but given the situation that is something else. We now wanted to release the film in order to give the fans something. So, enjoy it!”