Mark Hughes

Grand Prix editor
In previous lives Mark raced cars, worked at Jim Russell racing school, got a university degree which he never used, tried working in industry, didn’t like it, left and joined Motoring News in 1988 as a junior club race reporter. Went freelance in ’96, concentrated on F1 from 2000. Grand Prix editor of Autosport for 10 years.

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MPH: Why refuelling won't fix F1's issues

19th July 2019

Refuelling is back on the Formula 1 agenda, to reduce car weight as part of new...

2019 British Grand Prix race report — Hamilton wins with secret strategy

15th July 2019

Lewis Hamilton takes a record sixth British Grand Prix win, with dominating...

MPH: Silverstone's reassuring link to F1's past - 40 years since Williams' first win

12th July 2019

Mark Hughes recalls the thrill of watching Williams' first ever Formula 1 race...

Cost caps and more races to come as Silverstone deal breaks F1 revenue model

10th July 2019

Silverstone broke the Bernie Ecclestone model of escalating circuit charges....

MPH: How McLaren has revived its fortunes — without Alonso

5th July 2019

McLaren is finally showing glimpses of the championship-winning super-team it...

2019 Austrian Grand Prix race report

1st July 2019

Max Verstappen makes a swashbuckling comeback to win the 2019 Formula 1...


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