Mark Hughes

Grand Prix editor
In previous lives Mark raced cars, worked at Jim Russell racing school, got a university degree which he never used, tried working in industry, didn’t like it, left and joined Motoring News in 1988 as a junior club race reporter. Went freelance in ’96, concentrated on F1 from 2000. Grand Prix editor of Autosport for 10 years.

Latest articles from Motor Sport online

Driver rotation: gimmick or fix?

7th March 2014

I got an e-mail from a friend after he’d read the current magazine’s cover...

The world according to Niki Lauda

28th February 2014

We were sitting in the McLaren ‘brand centre’, three of us, mid-season 2008,...

Double-points logic becomes clear

21st February 2014

Now that the full extent of Renault Sport’s energy recovery problems are...

The Villeneuves at Trois-Rivières

14th February 2014

Jacques Villeneuve contesting the new World Rallycross Championship is exciting...

Kevin Magnussen impressing McLaren

7th February 2014

Kevin Magnussen was deeply impressive in his first extensive test as a pukka...

Has the Red Bull era come to an end?

4th February 2014

Has the Red Bull era been ended by the new formula? That was the intriguing...



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