Inside the November 2018 issue

The November issue of Motor Sport goes on sale next week (Wednesday 26 September) and will be hitting UK subscribers' doorsteps as early as Monday 24 September. Find out what's in the upcoming issue below.

Nights in shining armour

Jaguar E-type on track at Goodwood motor circuit

“The array of machinery is truly awe-inspiring; a dozen luscious V12 Ferraris flanked by eight lithe E-types, a quartet of pugilistic Aston DB4 GTs, a couple of raucous early AC Cobras, a pair of bellowing Austin Healeys and a solitary Maserati 3500 GT.”

The Kinrara Trophy is fast gaining a cult following at Goodwood. And for your first appearance in the race, what could be better than an early - and very original - Jaguar E-type?

The digital revolution

Esports racing tournament with Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasley

“We're not trying to be dramatic when we say we're making it up as we go along here... Everyone is. What else can you do? No one has done it before"

Esports has become so big, not even Formula 1 can ignore it anymore, but is it really the future of motor sport?

Driving into a different era

Lotus Cortina on track at Goodwood motor circuit Revival event 2018 with Formula 4 Sebastian Priaulx+

“The Cortina's got no seat belts, no roll cage - it's basically a road car, and this track would be so fast, yet the drivers would think nothing of going flat-out around it wearing open-face helmets”

Sebastian Priaulx is a teenage Formula 4 driver with a big future, but how could he cope with a classic Cortina formerly raced by a big name like Jim Clark?

Behind Mercedes' last Le Mans

Mercedes mid air Circuit Sarth Le Mans

"It was like an aeroplane taking off. I was a passenger. The circuit snakes through a forest. I knew how thin the windscreens were, they're not designed to be taking on trees"

It's an episode that the German marque would rather forget, but now never before seen photographs have emerged giving unprecedented insight into what happened on that fateful weekend at the Circuit de la Sarthe.

Lunch with Freddie Spencer

Freddie Spencer motogp American motorcycle racing

“We'd be at tracks for six or seven days, doing 200 laps a day, testing 300 tyres, trying to develop two brand-new bikes and radial tyres for both"

Arguably America's greatest motorcycle racer, Spencer made plenty of history during his brief Grand Prix career and still has an unusual angle on the racing psyche.

Scuderia's succession scramble

Ferrari Scuderia's Sergio Marchionne

“Maurizio is really puffing his chest out now, he's going round trying to organise this, pull together that"

The death of Sergio Marchionne has left a void that is being filled by three powerful players, each with his own agenda and support base. The question is: which one will ultimately prevail in the battle for Ferrari's soul?

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