Inside the November 2019 Issue

Here's a sneak peek into what is in our latest issue - out on Wednesday, 25th September, 2019.



In this month’s magazine we test drive one of the greatest race cars every built. The Porsche 917/30 is not just great because of what it achieved on the track – which was pretty astounding – but also because like many great cars it changed the terms on which it competed. In the case of the 917/30, for example, it can be argued that it killed Can-Am simply because it was so good the series had to change the rules to make it competitive, which in turn led to its demise. 

There are a couple of versions of the car, which reputedly boasted 1600bhp in existence. But as you would expect from Motor Sport, we made sure that we got to the best. As Andrew Frankel reports on his test drive: 

“The only person ever to win a Can-Am race in a Porsche 917/30 was Mark Donohue, and he only raced two of these cars. One is in captivity in the US and this is the other. This car has only ever been raced by Mark, and it has never been out of Porsche’s hands. This car, 917/30-002, was the first 917/30 to win a Can-Am race. The idea that I would be released in it unfettered seemed fanciful at best.”

Release it they did, only for Andrew to manage to spin the wheels at 120mph… but that’s another story which you will need to read the feature in its entirety to find out about. 







Elsewhere in the November issue of the magazine Mark Hughes tracks down those people in the paddock closest to Alexander Albon, the least well known of the 2019 influx of young F1 drivers. The Thai/British driver has had a whirlwind season so far after finding himself promoted from Toro Rosso to the senior Red Bull team in August. Where has he come from, what drives him and how will he cope with his new team-mate - a certain Max Verstappen? These questions and more are answered by Mark’s forensic and typically insightful profile.







September 17 is the 90th birthday of Sir Stirling Moss – to many of us the greatest racing driver the world has ever seen. We will be celebrating his life and wishing him many happy returns all week on our website (and I urge you to visit and explore some of the old race reports from our fantastic archive). To help mark the occasion in the magazine we have a lovely extract from a wonderful new book by his personal assistant and great friend of many years, Valerie Pirie. Unlike the countless biographies that have been written about Stirling the racing driver, Valerie’s book which takes on the feel of a diary, paints a wonderfully nuanced and humane picture of Stirling the man. 

I can’t recommend the book highly enough – and I hope that the extract we publish this month will encourage readers to go out and buy the book too.





All this plus the latest news and views from our top-notch columnists, including Mat Oxley, Doug Nye and Jennie Gow, plus a special introduction to the new Motor Sport Shop, which features great gifts and memorabilia chosen by us and which help support the journalism we hope you will continue to enjoy. 

As ever, I hope that you enjoy the new issue of Motor Sport. Thank you your ongoing support and please feel free to write to us with any comments, suggestions or story tips!


November 2019
Ultimate Porsche: The Most Ruthless Racer Ever Built



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