Inside the October 2018 issue

The October issue of Motor Sport goes on sale next week (Wednesday 29 August) and will be hitting UK subscribers' doorsteps as early as Monday 27 August. Find out below what you will find in this month's issue.

Sports car treasures

Dario Franchitti porsche 917K Ferrari 570S Lola T70

“You're sitting here, looking at the little rev counter and the bubble it sits in, the view around the screen, the open cockpit top... and then you look at the tanks around the front and realise that in period the drivers were surrounded by fuel. Crickey...”

Porsche 917, Ferrari 512, Lola T70 — perhaps as great a concentration of sports car heritage as you could find in a single pit garage. and Motor Sport was at Donington Park to drive them. Your chauffeur? Dario Franchitti.

A 911 revolution

Porsche 911 single make series spa

“If you're deemed to have caused a crash, you're invited to cover half of the repair, or you're not welcome at the next meeting"

Spec series are few and far between in historic motor sport, so we went to Spa-Francorchamps to get a flavour of the latest success story — the Porsche 2.0L cup.

Breakfast with... Scott Pruett

Scott Pruett IndyCar NASCAR interview

“My back was sore, but I didn't realise it was broken. I remember seeing my left ankle swing through 90 degrees. It was almost as though my foot had fallen off”

Serial sports car champion, IndyCar star and a NASCAR podium finisher, one of America's most versatile drivers has called time on his career... to focus on producing wine.


Ferrari's early years

Enzo Ferrari 30th Anniversary of death

On the 30th anniversary of his death, we reveal how a spurned Enzo Ferrari cleverly conspired to overhaul, and ultimately end, Fiat's Grand Prix dominance and in doing so put himself on the path to greatness.

English Heritage

Goodwood Revival celebration 25th anniversary

“It's like going to Disneyland. You walk in and get immersed in another world, a time warp. It's magical... even when the weather is poor”

In the slipstream of the Festival of Speed's 25th anniversary, the Goodwood Revival Meeting celebrates its 20th. Racers and Motor Sport writers recall a few personal highlights.

Behind the Bend

The bend race track mercedes audi sports cars

“If I die and go to heaven then this is the place I want to wake up in"

A futuristic new race track billed as the Nordschleife of Oz could turbocharge racing Down Under; and its eccentric owner claims it is his monument to the sport.

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