Motor Sport receives a refresh

Over the years, Motor Sport’s values have remained a constant in an ever-changing world. It provides depth, with full-length, detailed content written by experts, and it offers variety – covering everything from MotoGP to rallycross, and from historics to F1.

For 93 years Motor Sport has represented and celebrated the extraordinary diversity, passion and skill displayed in the world of motor racing and is universally recognised for its ability to unravel the complexities of the sport and present it in a high-quality package. And these values are immovable.

However, the world of motor racing is undergoing a seismic transformation. There is renewed interest in Formula 1 following its acquisition by Liberty Media, and digital media has changed the way we share information and communicate our passion.

Simultaneously, the rise in historic racing events shows no sign of abating and neither does the increasing popularity of classic cars. Young or old, there has never been a better time to enjoy motor racing and cars.  

The October 2017 issue of Motor Sport introduces a new look and new features that reflect the changing world motor racing – but its values remain. New sections are introduced to analyse the classic car market, and there’s a new regular feature – a diary if you wish – that follows the fortunes (and shrinking wallets) of those individuals who build, restore and compete in a variety of racing cars. Also there’s a renewed focus on the characters behind the cars and - how can I put this? – slightly more indulgent photography, particularly when it comes to archive material. 

Finally, there’s a greater emphasis on putting you behind the wheel of the world’s greatest racing cars. If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to feel the sensations of a McLaren Can-Am car, or a historic single-seater or classic saloon car on the limit, then Motor Sport invites you to enjoy the coming issues.

And here’s the trick. Nothing significant has been sacrificed to achieve this. The regular columnists remain, and the features section is the same length thanks to some smart work from Motor Sport’s designers that has allowed us to get more content on the page without sacrificing our design values and legibility.

And the cover? A few years ago Motor Sport dropped the famous green banner for a tabloid-style red format. We try not to think about this too much, and we certainly won’t repeat it, but we have tweaked the cover a little and introduced some new features and finishes.

To summarise, it is the beginning of a new era for motor racing and the beginning of an evolution for Motor Sport. You will see commensurate evolution on our digital platforms too – from app to website and to our video delivery. But more of that another time…

We thank you for being part of the Motor Sport story, and as ever you can contact me at

Nick Trott

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